Hola, hi, and welcome.

I'm Cari, the founder of Nelly Home Goods. Like any good story, this story starts with a history and a vision.

The History

My Abuelita Nelly (full name Manuela) was the ceramicist of the family. In her late years, she acquired a small kiln and started building up her plaster mold collection, making porcelain dishes decorated with mushrooms and plants. She started selling out of her garage, but mostly gifted her creations. When she passed she left us all of her slipcasting molds and even her small kiln. This was mostly untouched until early 2023, when I decided to follow in her footsteps and start creating something of my own. 

While I wish I could say that I spent time creating with her, or that I currently use her plaster molds, I can say that her love for ceramics and the bravery to try her hand at something new is not lost on me. Ceramics are not for the faint at heart! And with no english or proper schooling, she managed to make beautiful things. That is something I truly admire as I am embarking on a similar quest.

The Vision

I started Nelly with one goal in mind: to inspire Third Culture Kids, like myself, to find a connection with their spaces. Rather than settling for mass-produced items or only traditional mercado-style decor, I wanted to create pieces that give a nod to our heritages while fitting seamlessly into our modern style and living spaces.

As Third Culture Kids, we straddle the line between adopting the culture around us and also still staying connected to our heritages. This can be seen in all areas of our lives from clothing to beauty and even home decor. That's why I’m working to create small-batch ceramic goods that combine some traditional Latin American touches with a current modern feel, for functional yet nostalgic pieces that inspire both home and heart.

The First Collection

My first collection, the Nelly Signature Collection, is inspired by an old hacienda. The muted neutral tones, the stone & sand-like look, and the matte feel of the pieces reflect the earthy and traditional feel of a hacienda that we’ve come to admire in all of Latin America. I wanted the first collection to be a reflection of old meets now, modern meets earthy and still feel completely at home in your space. I hope this collection inspires you! 

Thank you for sharing in this dream. I hope to create more and more collections that will inspire you to embrace your unique blended culture style to display your most authentic self.